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Terms of service


These General Conditions of Contract (hereinafter, General Conditions, Conditions or CGC) regulate the conditions of sale of Flippan'Look products (hereinafter, the product) through the Website (hereinafter, the Website or Web Page ), which is owned by FLIPPAN'LOOK, S.L. (hereinafter, Flippan'Look).

These Conditions govern between Flippan'Look and you (hereinafter, the User) and prevail over any other conditions or stipulations that may have been agreed. Your acceptance of the terms contained in this document implies your agreement, as a User, to sign this Agreement with Flippan'Look, to which the aforementioned conditions will apply.





Flippan'Look offers you an online shopping service that will allow you to purchase the products available in our online store (

The product has been manufactured by Flippan'Look.

If you have any questions, you can contact Flippan'Look at the indicated address or by sending an email to the following address:



The acceptance of these General Conditions of Contract implies that you, as a User, have read and fully and unreservedly consent to each and every one of the conditions included in this Contract. Therefore, we recommend that you read this document carefully and, if you do not agree with any of the conditions established here, you should not start the purchase of the products listed on the Website.

The fact of making a purchase of products offered on the Flippan'Look Website, implies for the User to have read these Conditions, and full and total acceptance of them. However, if you have any questions, you can contact Flippan'Look by any of the channels indicated in the section on general and contact information.

These CGC will be completed with the Legal Notice and with the provisions of the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy.



Flippan'Look reserves the right to modify or update these General Conditions of Contract at any time. The User will be responsible for consulting them before formalizing the purchase of the Flippan'Look product, since those that are published on the Website at the time the purchase of the product is requested will be applicable.



People of legal age, with legal capacity and the necessary and sufficient capacity to enter into the contract may acquire products through the Website. Users must provide their identification data in the registration form when making the purchase. By acquiring the Flippan'Look products, the User confirms that he meets, at the time of purchase, these requirements described.



6.1. Purchase process

The User, who must comply with the requirements established above, may acquire the product through the Website, following the contracting procedure established for this purpose:

  1. Product selection: the User must select the product(s) they wish to purchase in the "Collections" section of the Website, where information on the products and their price is provided . Once selected, they will be added to the shopping cart.
  2. Confirmation of the order and User data: once the product/s have been selected, the User will be able to check the amount of the purchase in the cart. By clicking on "Payment Page", the buyer must indicate the contact information, as well as the shipping address.
  3. Once the shipping address has been added, by clicking on "Continue with shipments", the shipping costs and the total amount of the purchase will appear on the screen, being able to make the appropriate modifications regarding the content of the order.
  4. Payment: once the User has everything decided, they must accept the General Conditions of Sale and the Privacy Policy, click on "Place the Order" and follow the steps indicated in screen to process the order, selecting the payment method.

Once the purchase process is complete, Flippan'Look will send an email to the buyer confirming the purchase and the order details.

6.2. Rates

The price of the products, indicated in euros, offered on the Flippan'Look Website will be the price in force at the time of placing the order (hereinafter, "Order". Order is understood as that which described in point 6.6 of these GTC). The sale price of the products that appear on the Website may, at any time, be modified by Flippan'Look, the price that will apply to the purchase being that which appears on the screen at the time the Order is placed. This price will be applicable within the framework of distance selling.

The price does not include shipping costs, except for changes that will be indicated in each case.

The prices will include the current applicable taxes [by way of illustration, the Value Added Tax (VAT), the General Indirect Canary Tax (IGIC) or the Tax on Production, Services and Imports (IPSI )] that, where appropriate, may correspond and be applicable on the date of the Order. Any modification of the applicable type will automatically affect the price of the products that Flippan'Look sells on the Website.

6.3. Characteristics of the products

The User may select one or more products from among those offered by Flippan'Look on the Website.

Flippan'Look may at any time modify the assortment of products offered for sale on the Website, especially as a result of restrictions linked to its suppliers.

In accordance with the applicable regulations, the User will have the possibility, prior to the Order, to know on the Flippan'Look Website the fundamental characteristics of the products they wish to acquire.< /p>

The products meet the requirements of current Spanish legislation.

6.4. Availability

The products shown on the Website will be valid as long as they remain advertised on it. In any case, in the event that it is impossible to offer the product after the Order has been placed, the User will be informed by email, as soon as possible, of the impossibility of performing the service.

In that case, the Order will be automatically canceled and, if you have not made the payment, no charge will be made against your bank account. In case the payment has already been made, the User will be reimbursed the total amount of the order as soon as possible

6.5. Force majeure

Flippan'Look will not be responsible for the breach or delay in the fulfillment of its obligations towards the User, if it is motivated by any reason of fortuitous event or force majeure that affects both Flippan'Look and its providers. If the cause of force majeure continues for more than two (2) months, Flippan'Look or the user may consider the orders in progress canceled and without effect, without accruing any indemnity or compensation in favor of the user, proceeding Flippan'Look to the reimbursement of the amounts that would have been paid for the purchase.

6.6. Order

The placing of an Order is equivalent to the acceptance of these CGC, the stipulations set forth in the Legal Notice, and the Privacy and Cookies Policy, without prejudice to the particular conditions that the Parties may agree on.< /span>

The User will have the opportunity to check the details of his Order and to correct any possible errors.

From the moment in which the User confirms his Order (hereinafter, the "Order"), it will be considered that he has accepted, knowingly, the content and conditions of the Order in question and, specifically , these General Conditions of Contract and the Privacy Policy. This acceptance implies for the User an obligation to pay with the prices, characteristics, quantities and delivery terms accepted by the User.

The Order will begin to be processed by Flippan’Look once the corresponding payment has been received correctly (according to the payment method chosen by the user).

A second email will be sent to the User at the time of dispatch of his Order.

Flippan'Look recommends that the User keep these two emails. The User is informed that the two aforementioned emails will be sent to the email address that they had provided for their identification during the registration process, prior to placing the Order.

On the other hand, Flippan'Look does not assume any responsibility in case of error in the

introduction of the email address or non-receipt of the Order confirmation email. In these cases, the sale will be final, except in the event of cancellation of the Order by Flippan'Look, especially in the case of products without availability.

The User is informed that, in case of detecting that an error has occurred when entering the necessary data to process his purchase request on the Website, he may modify the same by contacting Flippan' Look using the contact information provided at the beginning of this document. However, the User may exercise their right of withdrawal under the conditions set forth in section 10 of these General Contract Conditions.

Once the amount of the Order has been collected, an email will be sent, if requested by the User, with their electronic invoice.

In accordance with applicable regulations, Flippan'Look reserves the right to refuse or cancel for legitimate reasons any Order in which the number of products or the amount to be paid (for a single order or for several orders accumulated) or other elements, clearly show the development, by the User, of an economic activity related to the products requested or, in general, any abnormal Order in accordance with the jurisprudence applicable to the case. p>

Finally, Flippan'Look reserves the right to suspend or cancel the execution of an Order, regardless of its nature and degree of execution, in the event of non-payment or partial payment of the amounts owed by the User, in the event of incidents in the payment or in the event of fraud, completed or attempted, related to the use of the Flippan'Look Website, including fraud committed on the occasion of previous Orders. p>


7.1. Means of payment

Payment can be made by bank card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro) and PayPal. The customer will be able to choose the payment method once they provide the billing and shipping information.

All Orders must be paid for in euros, including all mandatory taxes and duties. The bank costs will be borne, where appropriate, by the User (including the assumption of reimbursement).

The means of payment through which you can buy on the Website are the following:

7.1.1 Bank card:

Flippan’Look processes payments through Shopify Payments. The bank cards accepted on the Flippan'Look Website are the following: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro.

All bank card holders are subject to validation and authorization checks by the card issuer. The security verification can consist of a special PIN, or an SMS with a code for the purchase, or a coordinate of your operations card, etc. The mechanism to use depends solely on the issuing entity of the card. If the issuer of the user's payment card denies, or for any reason does not authorize the payment in our favor, either before or after a payment, we will not be responsible for any delay or non-delivery.

7.2 Security in payment operations

In order to guarantee the security of payments made with a bank card, the User must communicate to Flippan'Look the visual cryptogram (CVV) that appears on the back of the bank card used by the User. span>

In the framework of the fight against Internet fraud, the data related to the User's Order may be communicated to third parties authorized by law, for the sole purpose of verifying the identity of the User, as well as the validity of the Order, the means of payment used and the expected delivery.

Once this control has been completed, Flippan'Look reserves the right to require a photocopy of the User's identity document and/or any other data relating to the User's identity. The User has rights conferred by the personal data protection regulations as provided in the Privacy Policy of the U-shop.

Flippan'Look uses a secure payment tool through Shopify Payments, with SSL certification and e-commerce code with CMS. The security of the payment rests on the authentication of the User and on the confidentiality of all the data. To guarantee this security, the tool uses proven cryptographic techniques and meets the requirements established in the different banking regulations applicable in Spain.


Una vez recibido el pago, Flippan'Look procederá a preparar y enviar el Pedido. La entrega se realizará en la dirección indicada por el Usuario durante el proceso de compra.

8.1. Coste de envío.

Los precios que se indican en la página web figurarán en euros y serán precios de venta al público por lo que incluirán el IVA correspondiente, no así los gastos de envío, que se añadirán al importe total debido al indicar la dirección de envío.

Los gastos de envío son proporcionales al peso, el destino del paquete y la modalidad de envío (envío normal o urgente) y correrán a cargo del cliente. Estos gastos serán visualizados en la cesta de la compra antes de finalizar la misma.

Pedidos enviados a España:

Península y Baleares:

Envíos gratuitos por Correos Express con plazos de entrega de 2-4 días laborables.

* 10 € Envío Express con plazos de entrega de 1-2 días laborables.

Canarias, Ceuta y Melilla:

10 € por Correos Express, con plazos de entrega de 4-6 días laborables

20 € Envío Express con plazos de entrega de 2-4 días laborables.

Pedidos enviados a Portugal:

5 € Estándar internacional, con plazos de entrega de 4-10 días laborables.

10 € Express internacional, con plazos de entrega de 2-7 días laborables.

Resto de países de la Unión Europea:

Envíos gratuitos para compras mayores de 200 € con plazos de entrega de 4-6 días laborables.

15 € envío con plazos de entrega de 4-6 días laborables.

Países fuera de la Unión Europea:

Envíos gratuitos para compras mayores de 300 € con plazos de entrega de 4-6 días laborables.

20 €envío con plazos de entrega de 4-6 días laborables.

EEUU, México y Canadá:

20 € envío con plazos de entrega de 5-10 días laborables (plazos estimados, dependerá del país de destino).

LATAM (Excepto México):

30 € envío con plazos de entrega de 5-10 días laborables (plazos estimados, dependerá del país de destino).


40 € envió con plazos de entrega de 5-10 días laborables (plazos estimados, dependerá del país de destino).

* En los pedidos realizados a partir de las 13:00 (hora de Madrid), el plazo de entrega empezará a computar a partir del día siguiente al pago.

**Si desea que su pedido sea enviado por una agencia de transportes concreta, por favor, notifíquenoslo en "notas" y gustosamente atenderemos su caso en particular.

***Los costes de aduanas en los países que así lo requieran, correrán a cargo del Usuario. Flippan’Look no se hace responsable de pagar los aranceles en el país de destino.

****Por circunstancias actuales los envíos a zonas conflictivas pueden sufrir incidencias.

8.2 Anomalías, daños o paquetes deteriorados

Se recomienda al Usuario, o al destinatario del Pedido, comprobar en el momento de la entrega el estado exterior del paquete y de los productos.

En caso de anomalía relacionada con el producto (producto dañado o defectuoso), el Usuario deberá ponerse en contacto con Flippan’Look, para conocer las modalidades para la devolución del (de los) producto(s) dañado(s).

La notificación de incidencias y la formulación de reclamaciones deben realizarse con la mayor brevedad posible y, en todo caso, en el plazo de 5 días hábiles desde la entrega del producto.

8.3 Plazos de entrega

En el supuesto de que se excedieran los plazos de entrega por cualquier causa distinta de fuerza mayor, el Usuario tendrá la posibilidad de anular su Pedido.

El plazo entrega del Pedido dependerá del lugar de envío, comprendiendo un plazo de entre 1 a 10 días laborables.

Los plazos de entrega comienzan a contar desde el envío del correo electrónico de expedición del Pedido.

8.4 Imposibilidad de entrega

Si tras dos (2) intentos, resultase imposible efectuar la entrega del Pedido por causa no imputable a Flippan’Look, se entenderá que el cliente desea desistir del Contrato y este se considerará resuelto. Como consecuencia de la resolución del Contrato, Flippan'Look devolverá el precio pagado por tales productos a excepción de los gastos de envío, sin ninguna demora indebida y, en cualquier caso, en el plazo máximo de 14 días naturales desde la fecha en que se considera resuelto el contrato.


Todos los productos a la venta en la Página Web están cubiertos por la garantía legal de conformidad con la normativa aplicable y por la garantía contra vicios ocultos, que permite al Usuario la devolución, sin gastos, de los productos defectuosos o no conformes que se le    hubieran entregado. El Usuario goza de garantías sobre los productos que pueda adquirir a través de este Sitio Web, en los términos legalmente establecidos para cada tipo de producto, respondiendo Flippan'Look, por tanto, por la falta de conformidad de los mismos que se manifieste en un plazo de dos (2) años desde la entrega del Pedido.

En este sentido, se entiende que el producto es conforme con el contrato siempre que: se ajuste a la descripción realizada por Flippan’Look posea las cualidades presentadas en la misma; sea apto para los usos a que ordinariamente se destinan los productos del mismo tipo; y presenten la calidad y prestaciones habituales de un producto del mismo tipo y que sean fundamentalmente esperables del mismo. Cuando esto no sea así, el Usuario deberá proceder tal y como se indica en el apartado 10 "Derecho de desistimiento"


El Usuario tiene derecho a desistir de la compra del producto en un plazo de catorce (14) días naturales a contar desde el día en el que el Usuario reciba un email de Flippan’Look confirmando la compra realizada, sin causa justificada.

No obstante, no será posible el desistimiento por parte del usuario en aquellos casos en los que el producto se encuentre incompleto, estropeado o dañado por el propio Usuario, conforme al artículo 103 del Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2007, de 16 de noviembre, por el que se aprueba el texto refundido de la Ley General para la Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios y otras leyes complementarias.

En caso de que usted desee ejercer su derecho de desistimiento, deberá ponerse en contacto con Flippan’Look a través de correo postal a la dirección indicada en el apartado primero relativo a los datos de Flippan’Look o mediante email a, indicando el número de pedido, nombre y apellidos, identificación del/los productos a devolver, así como la manifestación de su decisión de desistir del Contrato.

Una vez recibida la solicitud de ejercicio del derecho de desistimiento, y tras comprobar que se adecua a lo fijado en el párrafo anterior, Flippan’Look comunicará al Usuario el acuse de recibo de dicho desistimiento y, a continuación, el Usuario deberá proceder al envío del/los productos a través de la empresa a su elección y a la siguiente dirección: Calle Castelló, 59 bajo. 28001. Madrid, España.

Flippan’Look, tras comprobar que se encuentra en plazo para ello, así como que no concurren ninguna de las circunstancias indicadas en el párrafo anterior, procederá a restituir la cantidad económica abonada en el plazo máximo de catorce (14) días naturales desde la fecha de la recepción de la solicitud.

El plazo máximo para el envío de los productos a devolver será de catorce (14) días naturales a partir de la fecha en que el cliente hubiera comunicado a Flippan’Look su decisión de desistimiento.

Los costes directos derivados del ejercicio del derecho de desistimiento serán asumidos por Flippan’Look.


Flippan’Look trabaja por la protección de los datos personales de sus clientes garantizando un elevado nivel de seguridad; sin embargo, el Usuario debe igualmente participar en la protección de sus datos personales. En concreto, el Usuario debe mantener la seguridad de sus transacciones online, por ejemplo, no comunicando a nadie su identificador (dirección de correo electrónico) o número de tarjeta. En este sentido, Flippan’Look no asume responsabilidad alguna por el uso del identificador (dirección de correo electrónico del Usuario) y/o número de tarjeta por parte de un tercero distinto al Usuario.

Flippan’Look no asume, en ningún caso, responsabilidad alguna por el uso fraudulento de estos datos. La comunicación del número de tarjeta bancaria y la validación definitiva del Pedido servirán como prueba de la aceptación del citado Pedido. Los registros informáticos, conservados en los sistemas informáticos de Flippan’Look, se considerarán prueba de las comunicaciones, Pedidos y pagos realizados entre las Partes.


Para cualquier información adicional, consulta relacionada con el estado de un Pedido o de una devolución, o reclamación relacionada con un Pedido, puede ponerse en contacto con el Servicio de Atención al Cliente de Flippan’Look por medio de nuestro chat, y un miembro de nuestro equipo le responderá lo antes posible. También puede rellenar el formulario de "Contacto" en la Página Web o bien enviado un correo electrónico a la dirección


13.1. Capacity

We do not provide services to minors. The services we offer must be contracted by adults. Minors under the age of 18 may only use the Flippan'Look Services under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

Prior to placing his Order, the User declares that he has full legal capacity to be bound by these General Conditions of Contract. Therefore, in the event that a person who does not have legal capacity places an Order for items on the Flippan'Look Website, the legal guardians of said person (especially parents or guardians) will assume full responsibility for said Order. and, specifically, they must satisfy the price of the same.

13.2 Limitation of liability

The responsibility of Flippan'Look for the obligations established in these General Conditions of Contract may not be demanded when the breach of said obligations is attributable to acts of third parties, even when said facts were foreseeable, to the fault of the User or the occurrence of a circumstance of force majeure, as defined in the applicable legislation, or any other circumstances that are reasonably beyond the exclusive control of Flippan'Look.

Flippan'Look declines all responsibility for damages, direct and indirect, foreseeable or not, suffered due to the use of the website by the User in a fraudulent manner.

In the event that Flippan'Look's liability is established for damages sustained by the User attributable exclusively to placing the order, such liability shall be limited to the amount of the order that the user had paid to Flippan' Look.


In accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of April 27, 2016 and with Organic Law 3/2018 on Data Protection p>

Personal and Guarantee of Digital Rights, we inform you that the personal data you provide us will be registered in the systems of FLIPPAN'LOOK, S.L. in order to meet your request and send you information about our services.

The treatment of your personal information is legitimized as it is necessary to meet your request, as well as by your consent. Your personal information will be kept for the duration of the contractual relationship and even later, until the eventual responsibilities derived from it expire.

Your personal data will not be communicated to any recipient except those that you authorize us or as required by law.

You may exercise the rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation of any  specific treatment, portability, automated decisions and opposition to the treatment described. To exercise these rights, as well as to obtain additional information, you can consult the following link on our website:

Additional information:

You can consult additional information about the processing of your personal data at the following link on our website:


15.1 Partial disability

If one or more of the provisions of these CGC were considered invalid or declared invalid by application of any law, regulation or as a result of a final decision of a competent authority, the remaining provisions will retain their full validity and scope. .

15.2 Waiver Exclusion

The fact that either Party does not exercise the rights that assist it in the event of breach by the other Party of any of the obligations imposed by these CGC may not be interpreted as a waiver in the event of future breaches of the obligation in question.

15.3 Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

These General Conditions of Sale are governed by Spanish legislation, specifically, by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws.

In case of disagreement between the parties, they agree to submit, waiving any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled, to the courts and tribunals of Madrid, or to the Courts and Tribunals of the city corresponding to the consumer's address.

Users who reside in the European Union and have had a problem in their online purchases on the Website, may use the European Union System for the extrajudicial resolution of Online Disputes by accessing the web:< /span> .cfm?

15.4 Validity

The GTC will apply throughout the period in which the products offered by the Flippan'Look company remain online and until the expiration of the warranty periods.

customs duties in the destination country.



€20 shipping with delivery times of 4-10 working days

Free shipping for purchases over €250 with delivery times of 4-10 working days.

NOTE: Customs costs in countries that require it will be borne by the customer. Flippan'Look is not responsible for paying customs duties in the destination country.

USA, Mexico and Canada:

20 € shipping with delivery times of 5-10 working days (estimated terms, it will depend on the country of destination).

NOTE: Customs costs in countries that require it will be borne by the customer. Flippan'Look is not responsible for paying customs duties in the destination country.

LATAM (Except Mexico and Brazil):

30 € shipping with delivery times of 5-10 working days (estimated terms, it will depend on the country of destination).

NOTE: Customs costs in countries that require it will be borne by the customer. Flippan’Look is not responsible for paying customs duties in the destination country.


40 € shipping with delivery times of 5-10 days working days (estimated terms, it will depend on the country of destination).

NOTE: Customs costs in countries that require it will be borne by the customer. Flippan'Look is not responsible for paying customs duties in the destination country.

* Unless stocks last (in which case you will be contacted and 100% of the payment will be refunded) orders will be shipped immediately.

**If you place the order later than 1:00 p.m. (Madrid time), the terms will start counting from the day after payment.

***If you want your order to be sent by a specific transport agency, please notify us in "notes" and we will gladly attend to your particular case.

****Customs costs in countries that require it will be borne by the customer. Flippan'Look is not responsible for paying duties in the destination country.

*****Due to current circumstances, shipments to conflictive areas may suffer incidents.