Our values

Flippan'Look is a small family business, in which we manage the entire process from the design until the package leaves for your homes.

This allows us to take care of the details and do things the way we like.

We put a lot of care into everything we do and choose high-quality materials to offer you a beautiful object, careful and durable.

We believe in the value of our own design, all our designs come from our workshop in Madrid, seeking inspirations that range from art to the animal world.

We like beautiful objects that transmit peace and joy, that are practical and also make you feel good.

We understand fashion as a way of expressing our own personality and state of mind, sometimes sober, sometimes fiery or fun, because not every day we wake up with the same spirit!

Above all, we enjoy ourselves and have fun with what we do, and what motivates us the most every day is the gesture of surprise, of “walaaa!!”, that you put on when you discover Flippan'Look.
< br/>Transmitting that joy and passion for life, to take advantage of every moment gives us strength to move forward.