Are they suitable for any prescription?

Our glasses are graduated with a magnifying effect of +2.00, an intermediate prescription recommended by optical specialists and ophthalmologists as the most suitable for early presbyopia.

Being for occasional use, they are easily adapted for all prescriptions between +1.00 and +3.00, fixing the binocular on the nose and adjusting the distance from the label or the menu that resists us so much! !

And if this is still not enough prescription?

We only supply our prescription glasses at +2.00 because we consider that they are well suited for occasional use for most users.

In case you need a little more prescription, our frames are made of cellulose acetate, the material traditionally used in top quality optics. This means that your trusted optician can change the lenses without any problem and prescribe them especially for you.

Are the lenses safe?

Of course! Our organic lenses have the highest quality certificates. At Flippan'Look we want to take care of both your look and your eyes.

Are necklaces hypoallergenic?

In general, yes, the metals we use for our chains They meet all quality standards. Spanish regulations are very strict in this regard, so none of our components contain toxic materials.

However, we understand that some people are more sensitive than others, so if any component causes an allergic reaction, contact us and we will find a solution.

Do you prepare the orders? for a gift?

Yes! We always prepare your orders with great care, but you can also include in the delivery notes that we prepare it with even more care.

Can I put a shipping address other than the billing address?

Of course! When checking out, you can choose a shipping address other than the billing address, for example, if you want to surprise a loved one.

Is it safe to buy through the web?

We take great care to give our customers the best deal, and this includes incorporating 100% secure payment methods. Our payment gateways have anti-fraud detection systems, and European regulations are also very strict in this regard. You can consult more details in our payment methods section.

What happens if it breaks?

Contact us and we will find a specific solution to your problem.

Our guarantee is 12 months from receipt of the product, and within this period we guarantee either the replacement of the damaged product or its return and if you are not completely satisfied.