Own design 100%

Every creative process begins with a search for inspiration, for a conceptual idea that guides the entire collection.

Sonia Marín (main designer) works hand in hand with Sonia Nogales to transform these ideas into beautiful pendants; every detail is taken care of, the choice of materials for each design, the colors of the collection and trends.

Once the idea and design are defined, the next step is to send it to our factory, where they cut and carve the acetate sheets one by one according to the design.

When the frames are polished and the lenses incorporated and the necklaces (handmade with beads that we bring from all over the world) are assembled.

The last step is the packaging. All our pendants come with a black velvet bag for protection and in our brand box.

Our materials

For the frame we use cellulose acetate sheets of organic origin. The main component is cellulose grains obtained from renewable sources such as cotton flower and wood.

Acetate is a biodegradable and sustainable material and our supplier has the highest international quality and environmental certificates.< br/>
The necklaces are specifically designed for each pendant, paying special attention to adapting the styles and materials. We are constantly looking for new materials and components to find the perfect combination for each model.

They are made with hypoallergenic metal chains, suede or velvet, decorated with beads of natural stones, corals, pearls, wood or bone.