Where are my glasses?

Eyeglass wearers can be divided into two categories:
those who take care of a single pair of glasses for years, and their opposites, who cannot go 10 minutes without losing them.

¡ We are of the second! That's why we created Flippan'Look with the idea of finding a modern and fun solution to this problem.

Flippan'Look is an innovative brand that combines fashion and functionality in a surprising gesture that will delight the more modern and non-conformist, in a chic and current revision of the 19th century impertinent.

We put a lot of love and care into the design, with inspirations that go through Art Decò, Art Nouveau and tribal geometries to the natural world.

Our pendants-glasses, at the meeting point between jewelry and optics, are made with the highest quality optical materials, a different, fun and original product.

The beginnings

The idea came up during a trip to Italy. I was beginning to have tired eyesight and, not having the habit of wearing glasses, I continually lost them.

In an antique shop in Florence I saw an object that caught my attention: a magnifying glass that was worn around the neck like a medallion. It reminded me of another magnifying glass my mother had that I always admired as a child.

I immediately fell in love and as soon as I returned to Madrid, together with my daughter, Sonia Marín, we got down to business, and here we are!

We decided to create Flippan'Look and reinvent this wonderfully beautiful and functional accessory and, why not, tremendously fun!

Let's go!

We researched ways to make it more practical and consulted opticians for advice.

The main concept (as its name suggests) is to wear a super chic locket and, in a moment of need, fold (flip) and look (look).

The frame, when folded, forms the medallion and can be unfolded when necessary and adapting to the ergonomics of the face.

The lenses are the common thread and common element of all the collections; the medallion, around them, changes in the different designs, always maintaining the mount as a constant base around which unique designs adapted to trends and styles are developed.