What's presbyopia?

March 25 2021 – Flippan Look S.L.

¿Qué es la presbicia?
¿Qué es la presbicia?

According to the RAE it is “an optical defect characterized by vision confusion of close objectsrcano, when, due to age, the capacity of accommodation of the eye decreases

You have sat down to have a quiet breakfast at home, a freshly made coffee and some good toast (eating breakfast and taking care of yourself are not incompatible< span style="font-weight: 400;">), you take the newspaper or the tablet to see what has happened lately and… Wow! I can't read well, maybe I'm still asleep, you rub your eyes, you wet your face and... nothing, I can't see well... you move a little away from what you're reading and magically, that blurry cloud in front of the lyrics disappear!

Dear Flippanlooker, welcome to presbyopia!

Not to be alarmed, presbyopia, or commonly called eye strain, is a natural, if somewhat annoying, part of growing older. As a general rule, it begins to be noticed from the age of 40 or 45 and continues to worsen until more or less 65 years of age.

Through a basic eye exam the doctor can diagnose presbyopia and there are different methods to correct it such as some surgeries and they are even working on some drops that correct it, but for now It's just an investigation…

But don't worry, you won't need to operate or wait years until they perfect those drops, just a pair of glasses!

Yes, we know that glasses are annoying, they get lost easily and you never know where you left them, and also where you take them.

what if they get lost?

Well, I'll hang them with one of those cute leashes they sell now.

But, with how elegant and beautiful you are, are you going to go with your glasses hanging?

I wish there was a solution for presbyopia that was not uncomfortable to wear and aesthetically not only detracted from me but also could be used as a unique, distinctive and elegant!

That, just that, is Flippanlook:

Our hanging glasses sit at the intersection of practicality, fashion, and elegance. more refined design. Our lenses allow you to see the smallest print, while becoming one of the most versatile accessories in your wardrobe. Perfect for all those who have an eye for design.”

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Thank you very much dear readers!

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