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March 29 2021 – Flippan Look S.L.

¡Olvídate de las gafas!
¡Olvídate de las gafas!

As we already advancing, they are developing a few drops to cure presbyopia, but how do these drops work?

The drops from the pharmaceutical company Allegan, from AbbVie Company, are composed mostly of pilocarpine, a substance that is used in higher concentrations to treat glaucoma. These do not act directly on the lens, which is where the problem originates, but on the pupil, contracting it, allowing less light to enter the eye and causing an increase in the depth of focus.

The pharmaceutical company has already applied to the FDA for approval of this medicine (AGN-190584), to see if it really is effective, a study has been carried out with 750 people between the ages of 40 and 55 who were treated with this medicine and others with a placebo. According to the results, not only are they safe, but the patients who received the drug gained three more lines on the reading chart in low light compared to those who received the placebo.

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It will not be until the end of the year when the drug is expected to be approved, it will have contraindications such as driving after using the drops and they assure that it will not lead to definitive abandonment of the glasses.