Welcome to Flippan'Look!



In an antique shop in Florence I saw an object that really caught my attention: a magnifying glass that was worn around the neck as a medallion. It reminded me of another magnifying glass that my mother had and that I always admired as a child.

I immediately fell in love and as soon as I returned to Madrid I proposed the idea to Monste, and here we are!

We decided to create Flippan'Look and reinvent this wonderfully beautiful and functional accessory at the same time and , why not, tremendous fun!

We discovered other similar accessories such as lorgnettes and pince-nez from the 19th century. We investigated ways to make it more practical and consulted opticians for advice.

The main concept (as its name suggests) is to wear a super chic medallion and, in a moment of need, fold (flip) and look (look).

The frame, when it is folded, it forms the medallion and can be unfolded when necessary and adapting to the ergonomics of the face.