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Don't let anyone to label you!

May 22 2023 – Flippan Look S.L.

¡No dejes que nadie te ponga etiquetas!
¡No dejes que nadie te ponga etiquetas!
Psychedelic print dress in orange tones, natural skin-colored leather jacket, daisy earrings, and orange 60s pendant
When we created the Flippan'Look brand, we were actually most excited about experimenting and creating new and very different things.
I don't know if the same thing will happen to you, but sometimes I'm a bit of a weather vane. I have an insatiable curiosity for very various things, and when choosing a style or design, well, too.
I like to go for drive, there is days when I love to go more classic and simple, with jeans and a white shirt, but others, as you can see in the photo above, I choose to go to full color.
Jeans, white shirt and aquamarine jupiter pendant< /div>
And that does not mean that it does not have a developed and consolidated character. that "something" that characterizes each of us is always maintained. It's just that I embrace with equal conviction every facet of myself.
Blue silk party dress combined with manhattan deco pendant
Today it seems that we insist on categorizing and putting labels for things and people.
Don't ever let anyone tag you.
Thes tags all they do is put limits to infinity and make us lose many things that we have prejudged as negative.
Being a Flippan'Lover is precisely that, an act of rebellion, of freedom, don't let anyone define you!
Camel pants, white t-shirt, leopard blazer and Paloma pendant
We bring you different looks and ideas to combine your Flippan'Look< /strong> with your own style. It doesn't matter if you feel rock, classic, modern, natural, sophisticated or elegant.
People are not static, we evolve, change, sometimes on the same day we feel in a thousand different ways. And accessories can become a great form of expression of our personality.
Silk shirt, orange blazer and deer pendant mixed with various gold chains