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Exercises to avoid presbyopia.

July 06 2021 – Flippan Look S.L.

Ejercicios para evitar la presbicia.
Ejercicios para evitar la presbicia.

We already explained what what is presbyopia and that it cannot be avoided since its appearance is associated with aging. However, until the miraculous drops we can delay its appearance.

Do you want to know how?

We leave you some exercises and habits to try to delay its appearance as much as possible.

A good exercise routine is essential to relax the eye area and, in the long term, delay the consequences and effects of presbyopia. Let's see:

To begin with, it is important to relax the muscles that surround the eye apparatus, including the muscles of the eyelids. Make small circles on the inner roots of the eyebrows and then extend the massage to the outer part. You can use products such as evening primrose oil or a softening cream.

You can also relax the rest of your face by making all kinds of grimaces involving parts such as the jaw, tongue, lips, nose, eyebrows, eyelids and cheeks.

A highly recommended exercise in these cases is the so-called palmeo, which consists of rubbing your hands to warm them up and then resting your closed eyes on them. If you suffer from dry eye, you are also asked to blink several times consecutively and then relax your eyes.

A good number of patients suffer from eye strain due to excessive tension in the eye muscles. For them it is recommended to close their eyes as if they wanted to rest, but at the same time being aware of the pressure that we inadvertently put on the eyeball. The idea is to reduce this tension until the eyes and the rest of the face are in a state of total relaxation.

It is also recommended to make circles with your eyes, the bigger the better, as well as alternating the two directions, left and right.

These are just some of the exercises that can help you mitigate the effects of presbyopia and delay its onset. The key for them to have a real effect on your visual health is to be consistent and complement them with good lifestyle habits.

We also leave you this video to exercise your eyesight and don't forget that if you already have tired eyesight, we have the solution at FlippanLook


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