Important notice

We write you because we have some important notice to communicate.

First of all, we would like to really thank you for your trust. If we are here and we have grown so much, it is thanks to you; as a client, you are the cornerstone of our company. Without you, who values ​​and enjoys our Flippan'Look, we would be nobody. Thanks.

In recent months, we have grown a lot; we have improved our website, our presence on social networks, communication, brand image; we have eliminated or reduced shipping costs for you, facilitated returns and payment systems; We have improved our personalized attention to be able to solve all your doubts and thus give you a better shopping experience in our store and give you all the guarantees so that you are always 100% satisfied with your purchase.

We have been with you for 12 years, fighting to carry out this project in which we believe from the heart. We have survived 2 global crises, and that alone fills us with satisfaction. Our 100% own designs are present on all continents, in the best stores and especially with you. We couldn't be happier and more grateful.

However, all these successes do not come without paying a price. Our costs and production times have increased. As you may have seen, we have once again run out of stock for many of your favorite glasses; or We have often had to change the design of chains and necklaces because we have encountered major problems with the supply of materials (our necklaces are handmade in our workshop, and we buy from local suppliers who sometimes have supply problems). In fact, the current circumstances are changing the way we work, requiring greater investment and foresight in the production of our glasses.

In the future we would also like to add a greater variety of products for you, to be able to create more jobs and increase our small community of Flippan'Lovers. We listen to you all the time, and we are studying how to carry out many of your suggestions, since for us it is a challenge and a satisfaction to be able to fulfill your wishes.

For all this, and in order to continue growing and offering you a quality, original, special, fun product of our own design; to continue giving you the best purchase conditions, brand security, guarantees, personalized attention, speedy shipments; to be able to continue being sustainable, produce in an artisanal way, create jobs; and specially because we want to continue with you for a long time, brightening your eyes! For all this, we are forced to raise our prices a little.

We will raise our prices between 5-10%, which will have an impact of about €5-10, which is not much for you, but it helps us a lot to be able to move forward.

We need to do this in order to keep all of our promises. We have endured as much as possible without going up during these last years, since we know that it has been a difficult few years for everyone. But today it is unsustainable.

But don't worry, it won't be immediately! You still have a few days left to continue shopping at the current price.

As of Monday August 29, we will apply this price increase to all our products. And there will be no going back and no more discounts (except black Friday). We hope you understand.

In other words, theoretically, we could say that we have a discount of up to 10% until then!

If you want to take advantage before the rise, we welcome you to take advantage! In case you want to wait to buy AFTER the rise, we really appreciate it.


As always, we will be delighted to hear all your suggestions and ideas. For us you are an important source of inspiration. You are the ones who know what you need and how you need it, so your opinion is essential to continue growing in the right direction.

P.S. If you think this upload is unfair and will cause you serious harm, please reply to this message and I'll see what I can do to make sure it doesn't.